An IBR registered bird, if lost, will be looked for. We use the network of falconers and other contacts in that area and beyond and broadcast the loss. We are successful in reuniting an ever growing number of lost birds (averaging over 40 reunited birds a month) which is hugely attributed to the unique IBR telephone rings. There are no charges for a registered bird, but you will be expected to thank the finder.

When the bird is transferred to a new keeper the Registration Document should be completed and returned to us by the original keeper, with the transfer details filled in at the base of the form. A letter is then sent to the new keeper asking them if they would like to register it in their name. Our registration scheme gives continuity to every bird for it's history and future. Registration lasts for 3 years and we send a reminder when it is due to be renewed. The database can be used to maintain a captive breeding record for future breeding programmes.We also offer breeders rings with the same unique marking system helping the bird from the day it hatches.
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The IBR offers a registration scheme for birds whereby the bird's details are logged on a central database against its keeper's details. Bird details can be ring numbers, hatch date, parent ring numbers, microchip number, name etc. Keeper details are name, address, telephone numbers and email address.

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We then issue a yellow Registration Document, in a similar way to the DEFRA, with these details on. We also issue a split ring (unless the bird is already wearing one of our rings) that has a unique ring number and a national telephone number on it. Then if your bird is lost and then found it gives the finder our contact number and the ring number then tells us who it belongs to (but only if you have registered it in your name). You have the paperwork to help prove it is yours.
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