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About The IBR
The Independent Bird Register was set up in 1994 by Jenny Wray at the request of fellow falconers following deregistration of certain non-indigenous birds of prey. Its main purpose was to ensure that lost and found birds could be efficiently reunited with their keepers.

The most sensible way of doing this was to build a confidential database containing details of bird keepers and their birds and to start issuing rings that could be traced. The rings would be uniquely numbered and carry a national telephone number enabling anyone to contact the IBR at any time to report a lost or found bird.

IBR closed rings were designed to comply with UK legislation and are accepted by DEFRA and APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) formally AHVLA as a means of permanently marking birds.

Since it’s conception in 1994, the IBR now has the most comprehensive database containing 1000’s of keeper and bird records, which has assisted in reuniting birds the length and breadth of the UK and into Europe.

Here are just some of the milestones we have achieved:















The first Falconry Directory was produced, regarded as the Yellow Pages for Falconers.

The 1,000th bird was reunited

Jenny Wray hung up her glove and passed the leash to Neil and Juliana Fowler.

The 2,000th bird was reunited.

The 3,000th bird was reunited and the new website was launched.

Ring number 60,000 was issued, the 14,000th member joined and
the 10th directory was published

The website has its 2 millionth visit in one year.

The 4,000th bird was reunited and IBR rings were accepted for
Schedule 4 Birds.

The IBR now has 15,000 members and has issued over 85,000 rings.

The IBR leash was passed to Keith and Barbara Royle.

The 6,000th bird was reunited and the 16th directory was published.

The IBR Directory was produced ‘on line’ and our Facebook page
was launched.

Re-design of the IBR website.
The IBR App ( here ) launches.

The 7,000th bird was reunited.

Celebrating 25 years since the IBR was first launched!
The 8,000th bird was reunited.

Keith & Barbara
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