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What To Do If You Find A Bird Of Prey
Here are some basic instructions to follow if you find a captive bred bird of prey or owl.

  1. DO NOT GIVE THE BIRD ANY BACON, GAMMON, PROCESSED MEAT OR ANYTHING THAT CONTAINS SALT, AS THIS WILL DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD. It would be best not to feed the bird at all until advice is sought.

  1. Give the IBR a call – we will need the bird’s ring number if wearing a ring together with a photo if possible to help identify the species. If taking a photo is not practical then a full description of the bird and any equipment it is wearing around its legs, on its tail or on its body.

  1. If the bird is wearing a transmitter then any details of the make or any numbers would be helpful together with a photograph if possible

  1. Some captive birds of prey will be wearing anklets with eyelets in them, leather straps hanging down (jesses) or even a metal swivel which joins the jesses together and a leash which threads through the swivel and enables the falconer to tie the bird to a perch. If you are in a position to catch hold of the bird, make sure your hands and arms are protected from the talons. Put the bird somewhere secure and give the IBR a call and so a falconer can be contacted to come and collect the bird.

  1. If the bird appears injured or is unable to fly, using a towel, take hold of the bird around the wings and body, covering the head with part of the towel. Tuck the bird under your arm to keep it secure and take hold of the tops of the legs again keeping clear of the talons. The bird can then be put somewhere dark and secure until a falconer can be contacted to collect or if the bird is seriously injured, take to the nearest vet and contact the IBR.

  1. If you are not sure on what to do, just give us a call on 0161 790 5613. An emergency mobile number will be available if the office is closed.
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