Nationwide Register for Stolen, Lost,  Found birds of prey and owls etc.
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Simply because we are good at finding and reuniting your lost birds.

The IBR has been in operation since 1994 and has proved to be the most successful organisation in reuniting lost and found birds of prey, owls and other birds within the whole of the UK and in to Europe by calling on the help of other falconers and by posting lost and found birds on the website site and Facebook page.

The IBR can be contacted at any time during 365 days a year

It only costs 6.50 per year per bird with special rates for larger collections.

For this you will receive a yellow embossed registration document with your bird's details and a split IBR ring if required. Should you be unfortunate enough to lose your bird, it will be posted on our website and Facebook Page with a photo if you wish, it will appear on the IBR App and it will be plotted on our mapping system. Telemetry frequencies will only be published with the losers permission.

So what have you got to lose...........except your bird?
Keith & Barbara
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